My Top 5 Songs When Drinking Whisky

by Benjamin Chappell

 5:  Robbie Williams - Mr Bojangles

I am not a big fan of Robbie Williams but how he performs Mr Bojangles at The Royal Albert Hall in London, I think is outstanding!  Goes great with any Whisky.

4: Joshua James - Crash this Train

Having a passion for motorcycles and the love of riding, I would say this is definitely one of my favourite songs from the show (Sons Of Anarchy) goes great with a hard scotch!

3: Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind

Well this list would not be complete without the King himself Elvis! A beautiful song, that goes lovely with a smooth Glenmorangie

2: Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey

Oh yeah! Kick back and relax. Sometimes I need to chill out and this song with of course a drop of Tennessee Whiskey is perfect. 

1: Frank Sinatra - My Way

No words needed here.

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