Sir William Marshal Knight - 2019 Whisky Tastings and Notes​ From Master of Malt, our Chairman

 Benjamin Chappell and Spirit of Yorkshire

The Norfolk Malt 'n' Rye

A single grain English whisky from the Norfolk range, produced at the St. George's Distillery. As you can expect from the name (which continues the trend of delicious pairings connected by "'n'" - like Fish 'n' Chips, Pie 'n' Mash or Nuts 'n' Gum), Malt 'n' Rye is made with a combination of malted barley and rye.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Lemon verbena, caramel and cracked black pepper.

Palate: Herbaceous at first, though paired with plenty of chocolate and sugared peels.

Finish: Layers of toffee and more malty chocolate last.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

Very young but full of excitement.  The Norfolk Malt n Rye is definitely a Whisky to be shared with friends and family!

Has a deep copper colour to it.


Visual Texture: Light. 

Nose: Driftwood, Pepper and Lemon

Taste: A little sharp at the start, but then calms down and you are hit with chocolate, digestive biscuits and a toffee apple feel. 

Finish: Chocolate biscuit and toffee apple.

The nose is not good at all, however the taste is wonderful and a teaspoon of water really does bring out the chocolate and toffee apple in the Whisky. I would recommend this Whisky for a newbie as it's a very easy drinker. 


My Rating score 74//100

Priced at £47.95

50cl, ABV 45% 

Double Cask Bourbon & Oloroso

A double cask treat from The English, produced at St. George's Distillery in August 2011. The single malt then rested in both bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks for the following seven years, until it was bottled in October 2018. The casks yielded a limited 2,943 bottles

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Creamy vanilla, fruit cake with buckets of raisins and sultanas, wine gums, dates and sweet liquorice.

Palate: Dark, jammy fruit compote, sweet vanilla and fresh raspberries, orange marmalade, tobacco and rose petals.

Finish: Raspberry boiled sweeties and citrus peel linger.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

When I look at this Whisky from The English I am hoping for something great, but unfortunately it was not for me. Please read my review below: 

Has an Amontillado Sherry colour to it.


Visual Texture: Light. 

Nose: Vanilla, sweet liquorice, 

Taste: Not the best start as I needed to add two teaspoons of water, but the alcohol taste falls off a little and you can pull a mix of fruits and even sour sweets. 

Finish: Sour sweets, sharp lemon 

Not my favourite from The English. The Virgin Oak is 10 times better, but for this Whisky I would say - try it, but for me it's a definite no no. Poor in taste and the finish is sharp and unpleasant. 


My Rating score 50//100

Priced at £51.99

70cl, ABV 46% 

Virgin Oak

What originally started as an experiment for the English Whisky Co. has resulted in another addition to The English range - the Virgin Oak Cask expression! Whiskies matured in brand new oak can sometimes be particularly... Loud, some might say. This one, however, manages to show off all the creamy, nutty, chocolatey notes from the cask without loads of overpowering oak elements getting everywhere. There's still a hint of powerful oak, but it's restrained and works well with the heavy vanilla and nutty barley.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Toasted vanilla pod, coconut ice, ginger and a hint of caraway.

Palate: Full-bodied barley and almond liqueur notes, with nutmeg warmth growing. Yet more vanilla, now with some chocolate coffee

notes developing.

Finish: Honey on toast, soft citrus and some final peppery touches.

resize_280_280_1_1 VO.png

Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

I remember meeting the Chief Distiller: David Fitt at The English Whisky Company and he told me the story behind the Virgin Oak and how it was a Whisky of class and wow he was not wrong. 

Has an Russetmuscat colour to it.


Visual Texture: Light. 

Nose: Vanilla, coconut and toffee

Taste: Splash of water needed, rich in flavour of Toffee, caramel, vanilla and chocolate

Finish: Chocolate and toffee. 

A stunning whisky for how young it is., I was very impressed. I added a teaspoon of water and wow the flavours hit me with a wonderful experience. I would definitely add this English Whisky to my collection.

My Rating score 80//100

Priced at £51.99

70cl, ABV 46% 


Our maturing Malt, Distillery Projects 004, marks the fourth instalment in our distillery project series forming a set of limited release bottlings that offer a unique and unrepeatable glimpse into our maturing casks. Careful and considered cask selection has been at the heart of each expression in the series with only a handful of casks being married together for each bottling. Only 2000 bottles of our Distillery Projects 004 are available, making this an incredibly rare spirit.


Each of our casks has a story to tell – because they have all lived long lives before selection for this Maturing Malt. Some held bourbon, some sherry and some red wine, all bringing their own distinct character. Here their stories come together with ours to create something truly unique. From our pot and column distillations to the careful selection of our casks, every milestone we reach has revealed new layers of flavour. A flavour that’s now yours to enjoy.


Elegant, fruity and aromatic with notes of salted caramel, creme brulee, toffee apple, honey roasted nuts, orange sherbet and five spice.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

Now, not yet a Whisky but a stunning little drop of excellence. I spoke to the Man who crafted this batch and he told me - your club needs to try this. So he sent us down a bottle and wow were we blown away! 

Has a Deep Copper colour to it.


Visual Texture: Very Light. 

Nose: Vanilla and Caramel

Taste: A little teaspoon of water needed. Flavours of toffee apple, caramel, vanilla and orange sherbet 

Finish: Orange Sherbet and Roasted Nuts. 

Wow, what an experience. Full of flavours and couldn't believe how young it was. Will make for a beautiful Whisky in years to come. I am very excited for the Spirit of Yorkshire. 

My Rating score 70//100

Priced at £39.95

70cl, ABV 46% 

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