July 24th - 2019

Whisky Tastings and Notes​ From:

Master of Malt & our Chairman: Benjamin Chappell 

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

The 12 year old expression from Old Pulteney released in mid-2018 was entirely aged in bourbon casks, resulting in a heavy influence of bourbon sweetness - which helps to balance the characteristic coastal salinity of the whisky. An excellent introduction to Old Pulteney (though well worth a look even if you've already been introduced).

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Honeycomb, vanilla tablet, soft sawdust oakiness and oatcakes.

Palate: Chocolate peanuts, mint, citrus peels, maritime elements and white pepper.

Finish: Toffee, brine and lemon.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

A classic dram from the most northerly shores of Scotland. 

Has a light straw colour to it.


Visual Texture: Light. 

Nose: Sea air, vanilla and Fresh cut Oak

Taste: No water needed. Has a chocolate brownie taste at the start, then moves on to salted caramel with a hint of mint 

Finish: Sharp and sour but full of flavour 

Very nice whisky for a great price. Definitely a dram to enjoy on the coast shores.

My Rating score 78//100

Priced at £28.99

70cl, ABV 40% 

Highland Park 12 Year Old - Viking Honour

Highland Park's spectacular 12 Year Old expression had a full-on Viking make-over in 2017, dubbed Viking Soul (the 18 Year Old is also getting a redesign, too). Stylish new livery and matching sub-name (Viking Honour) aside, the Orcadian single malt remains the same - delicious as ever!

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Fresh, clean and very aromatic. Floral notes abound the senses with a light grassiness. Notes of creamy Manuka honey and a touch of juicy citrus with cream and a well-balanced sweetness.

Palate: Rather full with a pleasant depth. Lurking somewhere in the substratum a grilled orange lies. Notes of granary toast and green tea with jasmine. A touch of sweetness.

Finish: Quite long with peppery spice and wood shavings.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

Highland Park has always been one of my favourite distilleries. This whisky has seen it all but still holds a great spot in my personal collection.​

Has a deep amber colour to it.


Visual Texture: Light. 

Nose: Clean, light and fresh, Honey and spices

Taste: No water needed. Hit with a burnt, intense with spice but also a honey,  peppery finish

Finish: Peppery with a burnt vanilla feel in the mouth

From Highland Park I have had better but this 12 Year Old is not a bad dram. Great for sitting around a bonfire on cold nights.

My Rating score 82//100

Priced at £29.95

70cl, ABV 40% 

Clynelish 14 Year Old

A coastal and peaty single malt, the flagship expression from Clynelish boasts a fabulous flavour profile filled with its distinctive waxy notes. Clynelish is the successor to Brora which closed in 1983, which it is built opposite. A well rounded Highlander, though this expression is a bit less peaty than the Brora bottlings of yore.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Zesty, mandarin, tangerine. Smoky.

Palate: Quite light, great clarity. Orange, soft acidity. Dry oak. Mixed fruits, vanilla, leather.

Finish: Quite long, bitter sweetness developing, spicy oak.


Benjamin Chappell - ​notes

A little challenging but a beautiful Whisky here from the Clynelish Whisky Distillery 

Has a Russetmuscat colour to it.


Visual Texture: Medium to Heavy 

Nose: Fresh, sea salt, smoky

Taste: Two teaspoons of water needed. Hit with a rich toffee apple then vanilla, honey and oak

Finish: Long lasting with a bitter sweetness.

One of my favourite Whiskies and definitely stands proud in my personal collection

My Rating score 94//100

Priced at £44.95

70cl, ABV 46% 

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