How To Smoke A Cigar

Look at you! Here you are, smoking a cigar. What do you know? Careful, though! Don’t inhale the smoke; that isn’t what this is about. If you do, you are probably going to cough like crazy and look the fool, and you aren’t going to get the full experience. What you want to do is fill your mouth with smoke and then blow it back out; if you do this five times or so you should start seeing some decent smoke, which lets you know things are good to go — the cigar has been lit.


Now it is time for you to chill out and enjoy the flavor of your cigar. It is going to burn on its own, up to a certain point, anyway. Take a drag off it every minute or two to keep it lit, as you don’t want to go through that whole process again. You should be good for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.


But you still aren’t out of the woods yet. Most pros tend to leave the cigar band on — if you take if off, you might tear the wrapper, thus messing up your cigar. Not only that, but leaving the band on offers an easy place to hold the cigar, and many smokers consider it not only something that should be shown off to others, but a collectible for when you are done.

Then there is the fact that your cigar is going to ash. You don’t want it to fall off on the rug, or on your lap, but you also don’t want to be flicking it constantly — this is a fine cigar, not a Marlboro Light. Once the ash gets to be about an inch, give it a light tap into an ashtray; if it stays on, let it be — all the means is that your cigar is doing what it is supposed to do, and you can try again in a minute or so.

Finally, never, and I mean never ever, just put out your cigar in an ashtray like you were stubbing out a cigarette. Just let it go out on its own.

Golden Knights